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Within the San Fernando Valley area new construction homes are going up like crazy.  Let us help you find that perfect new construction home. With our MLS search  you can choose the features important to you.  With just a few clicks you will have access to all the New Construction homes in Studio City, Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas.

Or Maybe you want a New Construction Home Built To Order

What type of house do you want to build?

So, you’re thinking of starting from scratch and building your own home. Before you go any further go rent a copy of Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream Home. If you still want to go through with the project then you might want to bookmark this page. I hope that some of the info and links you find here will help you along the way.

You may need an architect to help you with that. One very comprehensive site I’ve encountered on the web is “Before The Architect” They design unique house plans, custom house plans.  They Also draft unique house plans, custom house plans.  They review and repair house plans of others.  Especially dream house plans.  Nationwide. Author “House Construction Design Standards” & “Adaptable Bathrooms” & “How-To Design Curved Stairs, in 2D.”  3D Architectural Rendering. Visualize your building plans in 3D – Provided by – RenderIT is another site that captured my attention – you design it, they render it. Really worth checking out.

Need a Contractor?? Of course you do. Regardless of economic conditions, it seems that New Construction Homes For Sale Studio Citygood contractors are difficult to find. Before you hire anyone it may be a good idea to visit The Contractors State License Board . There you can check out the license status of a contractor, file a complaint and read some valuable articles on what to watch for and what to expect.


The house is too small but you just love living in Studio City or Sherman Oaks. So you call Heather Farquhar and Todd Riley and talk to them about Sherman Oaks Real Estate  and Studio City Real Estate Homes For Sale. You spend days looking at what is available in the Sherman Oaks MLS and Studio City MLS. You even branch out and look at Valley Village Homes For Sale, you hear that Valley Glen Real Estate is an up and coming neighborhood so you search the MLS for Valley Glen Homes For Sale. A friend tells you that West Toluca Lake Real Estate has lots of those 1920’s Spanish Homes that you love so much so Heather Farquhar and Todd Riley show you homes for sale there. Now you feel like you have seen every home for sale in the San Fernando Valley and nothing compares to the place you already call home. It’s time to ADD ON! Let the fun begin.
It seems that most of the problems that come with doing a major renovation involve the contractor. So take your time and find the right one. This is time well spent and will save you from a world of heart-ache.

The best way to find a home renovations contractor is through other satisfied customers. Ask around. Have any of your friends or neighbors had similar work done? If so, check out the quality and workmanship to decide if it meets your standards.

Another source of information may be your local home builders´ association or  trade association. They may have a list of contractors who work in your area. Most states have a Contractors License Board. Check it out, see if there have been any complaints.

Watch Out For These Warning Signs:

Avoid contractors who

• knock on your door to tell you they are working in the area and will give you a special price; a large number of problems relating to home renovations involve contractors who solicit door-to-door.

• promise a discount if you allow them to use your home to advertise their work (the contractor has probably made the same offer to everyone)

• quote a price without seeing the job

• demand a large down payment to buy materials; most reputable contractors have credit accounts with their suppliers.

• refuse to give you a written contract outlining what the job entails or don’t want you to get other estimates

• have a post office box as their address or an answering service for a telephone number

• will not commit to a specific start and completion date.

Hire Qualified Trades people

New Construction Homes For Sale Sherman OaksCheck the qualifications of the trades people who will do the work. Specific trades such as electricians, plumbers and gas fitters should be licensed. Don’t be afraid to ask for a license number and then check it out. Most States have web sites where you can check the status of licenses for trades people.


Contact your home insurance agent

Before starting renovations, talk with your insurance agent to make sure you are covered for materials added during construction as well as construction-related fire and liability risks. You may require additional coverage.

Have Everything In Writing

Contract Checklist
• A detailed description of the work to be done. Include blueprints if appropriate
• A statement of the type and quality of materials to be used
• A statement of any work that is to subcontracted (e.g. plumbing and wiring)
• A statement that identifies who is responsible for getting all necessary permits and ensuring that inspections and approvals by local authorities will be done at the proper times. The homeowner is ultimately responsible for making sure necessary permits are in place before work starts
• A statement that all work will be done according to local codes
• A statement that the contractor is responsible for removing all debris as soon as construction is completed
• A clearly itemized payment schedule including any holdback provisions.
• A statement of all warranties explaining what is covered, for how long and what will be done if there are problems
• A Certificate of Insurance showing the contractor’s public liability and property damage insurance
• If the renovations involve a substantial amount of money, you may want to consider additional protection such as a performance bond in the event the contractor fails to complete the work
• The contractor’s Workers´ Compensation Board number
• A statement outlining any cancellation rights• A statement outlining how problems will be resolved
• Your signature and that of the sales representative



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