Picture Perfect Presentation for Your Home Sale: Impossible With Children at Home?

Picture Perfect Presentation for Your Studio City Home Sale: Impossible With Children at Home?

When selling your home, having it in top shape is the first task on people’s minds. Trying to do so when you have busy kids in your house can be a tough job to start with, not to mention keeping it in that tip-top condition the whole time your house is on the market. There are a few easy actions you can do to keep the home in showable condition even with the kids living a normal life.

Children of all ages like to stockpile toys of all shapes and sizes. They like variety and tend to identify with the experience of ownership. As a parent you might have become used to the appearance of toys strewn in a cluttered tangle, but someone who is not used to small children will notice it. The first step to get the home ready to go on the market is to organize the children’s belongings so they can easily be put away and mostly out of sight. Get storage that can be used in the room without dominating it. Don’t feel like you have to hide everything; just make it orderly and generally off the floor.

Naturally the outside appearance of the home is important as well. Find ways to set up, or store, the children’s outdoor toys in a neat and tidy way to present the outside of your house as attractively as possible.

Let’s not forget that the process of ridding oneself of things that are more than what you need on a regular basis such as donating to a worthwhile organization is just as pertinent to children’s things as it is to your rest of the family treasures. This is a good life skill even if you are not planning a move. Decisions have to be made. Handling the process of letting things go and dealing with change is a vital part of life. This process can be an occasion of learning for children, though it will be important to get their participation and not force their decisions. That would only impede the learning.

Keeping It Up

Discipline will be necessary to keep things in order after you get it all done. Trying to keep everything tidy after it is all fixed up can be a challenge but not impossible. Once you have your storage in place, keeping things straight will be much easier. Try to limit the number of different things your children are playing with while you are in the process of selling your home. One good idea is to make the challenge of keeping the house organized into a game, or adventure for the children. They may even help remind you to keep your own things put up as an additional benefit.

As a word of caution, don’t try to keep the little ones from all their regular and healthy play just because you are trying to sell the home. You don’t want to turn your home into a sterile and overly regimented house where it would seem no children would be allowed. Many people buying a family home have families themselves, and are happy to see that a house is lived in, with toys in use. Just be aware that it should be kept a little on the neater side of normal. Perfection is hardly expected, and most people understand.

If you have children who are an extremely tough case it might be a good suggestion to buy an extra rug to play on that can be put away when the house is being shown. Keeping the little artists’ paints put away while you’re trying to sell the home might be a good approach too.

A little patience and a little persistence, coupled with organization and a little regular attention to clearing up clutter, will make the sale of your home when you have little children easy to handle.


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