Olfactory Can Sell Your Home

People love scents. I read somewhere that the olfactory is the one sense that doesn´t forget and has the most dependable memory.

Use this information when showing your home. Tobacco, pet, and cooking smells can have an impact how potential buyers feel about your house. First impression is usually the only chance your home has to make an emotional impact on a buyer.

So it is out with the bad and in with the good:

NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE!!!! If you have allowed smoking in your home in the past then you must clean everything that smoke can cling to. It will usually take a fresh coat of paint and a really good carpet and drape cleaning to totally rid the house of the smell of smoke. If you are a smoker ask a non-smoking friend or your Realtor to come over and tell you the truth about how bad the odor is. Nothing will turn a buyer off faster than the smell of stale cigarettes or pet urine. If the problem is pet urine then the carpeting must go.

Once you´ve removed any bad aromas and freshened the air in your home, you can fill the house with aromas that have a positive affect.

Baking before a showing or an open house can turn a house into a home for potential buyers. The scent of bread or an apple pie baking in the oven can make a visitor feel right at home!

I have often put a mixture of water, vanilla extract, cinnamon stick and brown sugar in an oven on low heat to fill the house with the fragrance of baking when I sit an open house. It works.

Some buyers make  decisions based on their emotional response, so it´s important to help them to fall in love with your home. Pleasant smells are one way to do that.

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