How to Live in a Bigger Home Without All the Trouble of Building

One of the main reasons for moving is to gain more space. If this is your situation, you may want to make your home appear bigger, both for your own use and to make it more attractive for getting it sold. There are a few things you can do to make your home seem larger to your guests and any prospective buyers. This can certainly be an advantage when you are trying to sell a small house.

1. Paint Choices — Use light shades of warm colors such as red, orange and browns. These colors can make a room look bigger and more welcoming. To give a room added depth, you might try an approach of using light colors on three walls of the room and a coordinated darker tone of the same color on the other wall to trick the eye into perceiving added depth.

2. Lighting — When your home is small, lighting becomes extremely important. The feeling of openness is aided by lighting, because of our lifelong conditioning to think of sunny spaces as being associated with the outdoors. Aim lighting on walls to make them be brighter. Consider having lighting controls installed that will allow you to dim or increase the intensity of the lights in each room to fit your needs.

3. Minimize the Furniture — Any rooms in the house that have too much furniture in them look smaller than they really are. The more things that are in the space, the less space there is for people to visualize being comfortable. Be sure not to crowd your furniture together when you want to make your room look larger. Avoid placing big armchairs and sofas in small spaces. To maximize the utilization of space, try to use furniture that can do more than one thing. For instance, an end table with an integral magazine rack takes up less space than two pieces.

4. Accessories — Curtains and other accessories you use in your decorating can have a big impact on how large or small it appears. Use light colored curtains to allow the entry of light during the day. Choose light colored furniture, or at least as a minimum use light colored covers for the furniture, since light colors will generally give a more open appearance to the space.

5. Get Rid of Clutter — Effective use of storage is important, especially in limited spaces. The more clutter in your home, the smaller and less appealing it will look. This is not just something for making your home nicer for others, but a good thing to remember in having a handle on your own lifestyle too. Select storage systems that fit your family’s needs. When you cut down on clutter, the property will be more appealing to guests and homebuyers — and you will be more comfortable there too.

6. Mirrors Can Add Size — Use wall mirrors strategically to give the illusion of depth to the room. There is hardly any improvement you can make that will be more cost-effective in adding apparent size to a room. Mirrors can be attractive art elements in and of themselves, and they serve a secondary purpose of making small rooms appear larger.

Use these real estate tips to improve your home without spending a fortune. In fact, these suggestions are among the most efficient ways to improve your home with just a modest outlay.

This information was presented by the Colorado Denver real estate experts at Automated Homefinder.

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