Getting Your House Ready To Sell

When you meet with REALTORS®, you will  find that when they talk to you about buying real estate, they will refer to your purchase as a “home.” But if you are selling property, they will  refer to it as a “house.” There is a good reason for this. Most of us buy a home, there is emotion involved, but when selling real estate you need to detach.

You need to think of your house as a saleable asset. Property. Real estate. Your goal is to get Buyers to see it as their future home, not yours. If you do not detach and your emotions get in the way, you can  create a situation where it takes longer to sell your property.

The first step in getting your home ready to sell is to “de-personalize” it.

You want buyers to view it as their potential home. When a homebuyer sees your family photos hanging on the wall, it makes it harder for them to see the house as their home. So, put away family photos, sports trophies, collectible items, knick-knacks, and souvenirs.  Rent a storage unit and start filling it up.

Do not start storing STUFF in the garage or closets. A very important part of getting your house ready to sell is getting rid of “clutter” .

This is the hardest thing for most people to do. It is hard to define clutter and it is very hard to identify something as clutter when it is something that you love. Seventy-five drawings of crooked houses and stick people hanging on the refrigerator is a testament to Little Sally’s talent to you but it is clutter to a potential Buyer.

Pretend you are a buyer and walk through your house, if you still can’t identify what is clutter and what is not Let your REALTOR® do it.

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