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Do you own a Studio City home? If you do, you have surely considered remodeling. If you are planning to sell, it might be the time to remodel the home, and increase the appeal of the house. These things cost money, so, of course, a person will try to get the nicest upgrades done with the least cost. Not spending too much is important to most people, but that certainly does not mean you want a cheap looking result. Nor does it mean that you want to get less than the best value for your money, and it certainly does not mean that you want to get cheated or scammed. Sadly, though, that happens — and it can even happen to people who are pretty smart. What it comes down to is who you deal with. Finding a legitimate professional is essential to getting the remodeling job accomplished at an affordable price.

Homeowners should be aware of the cons of so-called contractors. The FTC lists these warnings that your contractor might be dishonest:

* Wants full or essentially full payment before the job is complete
* Insists on the need for a quick signature on a contract
* Offers to give a special price because of having extra material for some random reason
* Requires cash payments
* Has to ask you to obtain the necessary city permits
* Offers a price break for finding customers

Any one of those circumstances could be a sign that you should walk away. Another thing that somettmes happens is that a bogus contractor will try to get you to borrow the money for the job through a lender that they suggest. At the worst extreme, a loan scam could put you out of house and home.

Precautions to Take

Here are steps you should take to avoid being taken advantage of. Interview list of potential contractors thoroughly. The FTC suggests that you ask how long they have been in business, their license details, and insurance coverage. Check with your building office. Ask around. These things are just like the normal way you have to approach any big transaction or purchase.

Another important suggestion is asking for recent references. You should not only collect a list of former customers, but you should call and checkup on them. Ask these references about the quality of the job and service.

Ensure that your payment terms are clear and agreed upon before the job is begun. Some local laws set limits on how much higher the final cost is allowed to be above the contract estimate. Check into whether this is so in your area.

This article was furnished by the Colorado real estate specialists, Automated Homefinder.

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