How to Prepare Your Home for Sale Year-Round

Putting your home up for sale can be an intimidating task. The preparations going into selling are usually stressful, trying, and demand a lot of hard work. This is especially the case if you’re like most people and get your home ready for sale just a few weeks before putting it up for sale. Here are some tips to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Your home’s “curb appeal”
If you know in the fall that you might be selling in the spring, be sure to plant bulbs in September/October so your buyers can see a beautiful flower garden when they visit your home. Many homeowners focus so much on things like paint, organizing the kitchen, and arrangement of furniture that they forget that the yard will be the first thing that potential buyers will see when they pull up. A green, clean-cut lawn will go a long way towards getting would-be purchasers to believe your home is the place they want to be.

Your “honey-do” list
Save a few bucks by planning ahead and hiring contractors in the off-season. Painters are not as busy in the winter so negotiating a painting contract in the winter months will allow you to get the job done for a better price. The same goes for heating and air conditioning contractors, and movers that may be needed to move items into storage.

Your home’s “photo shoot”
Pictures are worth a thousand words, and when it comes to marketing your property, you need to make sure that picture is as striking as possible. If not, your potential buyer won’t likely even read the description about your property. One of the best things you can do to get ready to sell is to keep a camera handy for taking photos when your home won’t be washed out and colorless because the picture was taken at high-noon. It never fails; if you wait until the last moment to take the listing photo for your home, it will be dark and cloudy the day your agent shows up to take a picture.

Even if you’re not moving soon, the next time after it rains, see if you can take a picture of your home with a rainbow behind it. Come springtime, make sure to get an early morning picture with the gentle glow of the sun shining down on your beautiful flower garden. Little things like that make a huge impact.

With just a little foresight, you can get as much as possible selling your house.

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